'The Bachelorette' Recap: Ben Sent Off, James New Hated House Member

What kind of adventures did Des and the boys get into this week when they headed to Munich, Germany?

View attachment 2466 Chris Harrison welcomed the men to Germany and told them about the dates for the week. There would be a 1-on-1, group and a 2-on-1 date. The first date card was for Chris and the duo went out on the streets to explore the city. While Chris and Des were on their date, Bryden was telling James that he was going to go home. He was walking around the city looking for Des and found them while they were dancing in the middle of the street. He told her that he was going home because he didn't know if their connection was strong enough and left. Des went back to her date with Chris with a lot on her mind. They made it through their date happily and Chris ended up with a rose before capping off the night with dancing and a private concert.

For the group date, the boys and Des went to the highest peak in Germany for some snow fun. They started with a gondola ride to the top and started their time off with yodeling. When the group was done yodeling, they went sledding down the large hill where Des wiped out. They then make their way to a giant igloo where they each got alone time with Des. At the date, there was some dissension among the guys and James, as they felt that he is different around them than he is around Des.

Ben and Michael prepared for their date with Des and rode in a limousine together to meet with Des. When they got together with Des, the awkwardness of the date stood out. Des told them that they were going to be doing the polar bear plunge, but before they jumped in, she said they weren't going to do that, rather they were going to go in a hot tub on a boat.

While the 2-on-1 date is going on, the rest of the guys were talking about a conversation James was having about other women and how easy it will be for him to pick up any girl. At dinner, things continued to get more awkward as federal prosecutor Michael kept hammering him with questions as if it were a courtroom. After Ben said he wanted to go to church every Sunday with his family, Michael continued to make things difficult for Ben, asking about his family and other personal things. Des went to check on Ben and afterwards, had alone time with both men to help her decide who would get the rose. At the end of the date, in the first real shocker of the season, Des decided to give the rose to Michael.

On the night of the cocktail party, Chris and Des sat down and she told him that she didn't need any 1–on-1 time with the guys. She already decided who she was going to send home and said she didn't want to have a cocktail party. With Kasey and Drew unable to tell Des what James said, hoped those who were there for Des would be given a rose. In the end, it was just James and Mikey left and Des gave the final rose to James, much to the chagrin of Drew.