The Best Gaming System EVER?

What is the best gaming system you think was ever released? It doesn't matter how it compares to the systems out now, just how you think it is the best out there.

My favorite is Wii. I know it is a new system, but the fact that the creators made it an interactive system is amazing. Kids have to get into the game physically and mentally.


My favorite system is going to be my first system ever. I remember I bought myself a Super Nintendo Entertainment System a long time ago. All of the games that were available for that system were amazing to play (at the time). I still have the working system, and the old Mario games are a blast...still!
I am quite intrigued by the Xbox360 gaming system since most popular games are made available for Xbox360 and it has a fairer price compared to the over rated PS3.
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Definitely the Wii. My whole family gets involved for sure, including my dad...and he's always hated video games. It's great watching my kids kick my ex golden glove dad's butt all the time on Wii Boxing.


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The NES system revived the industry when it was all but left for dead. Mario, Punch-out, Tecmo Bowl were landmarks that have influenced many games that followed.


I am addicted to my Xbox 360. I had played a tons of games with them previously I had been the fan of NES and now it is Xbox360 all the way. I am not sure how long xbox 360 would stay among my favorite but it is certainly one of the best.
I guess Wii and Xbox360 two really good gaming platforms... ManuelIV I really envy you since you got your dad to play video games. I just wish my dad could do the same and learn to kick back a little. Just got a Wii over at Gobid really cheap since I got lucky with the auction. I have to say you guys are right about how fun it is as a family group activity.


Well, a lot of fans here of xBox 360, but is it so great overall? I have found myself addicted to PS for a long time and now I own PS3. I think it rocks! Plus, it is really flexible and you can play online with your buddies or just chill and watch HD movies, blu-rays and so on. Great joysticks and it even has Wii features. Oh, and the design is awesome too!

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