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What or where is the best place to get this service. How does or will it effect the digital thing and will there be any other things I need besides their dish and receiver.



You asked for the best place to get the service. You did not say what service. You also did not say where you are located. Here is all of the choices that I can think of to watch TV.

Just study the websites of Directv, Dish Network and any cable companies that you may have available. Look at the packages and the options and decide what you would like the best as to what it costs. If you get it from one of the satellite providers they will provide everything that you need. Your money and obligation to them can get it all.

I have subscribed to Directv and to dish at different times. In my personal opinion I think that the people with Dish are nicer to deal with and they do the billing in such a way that it is much easier to pay on line for one time or by mail with time to not be late. I also prefer the packages with Dish. I liked having a package that included 11 non commercial movie channels. The down side was that I had to buy 250 channels to get the 21 channels that I wanted to get. Dish seems to do more with foreign language channels. Also with dish you can get a box that will let you view up to 4 different channels to four different rooms at the same time off of the one dish. I had the box for two rooms. With Dish Network you can get it from a local TV shop and they will install it for you for a small fee, probably $30. If you have a problem just call the local guys and they will take care of it. Obviously, the local guys want to maintain a reputation so they will probably provide the best service.

Directv seems to do the billing a little differently. Directv has a reputation of more sports available and a few more channels available. Directv will probably install the equipment for you for free. They contract with individuals to do installations and the installer may be from anywhere.

Both Directv and Dish has part of the local channels for your area or at least it is available in many areas. You can also find out specifics about that at their websites. www and www

I have never had dealings with cable companies so I do not have any first hand experience with them.

I do not know your situation, do not rule out the free stuff off of the air with this change to digital TV. When it is completely in place in a few months we are suppose to see and have already seen lots of additional programming for free. You will have more available to watch that is free off of the air. There is or will be (depending on where you are located) more available free programming than you will be able to keep up with watching if the TV stations does everything that they say that they will. More to watch than you can keep up with is already a reality with digital TV at many places. All you would need is a converter box that will cost you nothing to up to about $20.00 with the government coupon. The cost would depend on which box you selected. And a TV antenna that could simply be rabbit ears on the back of your set. Even if you are in a rural area like I am and have to spend up to maybe $300 to put up a good fringe area antenna with a rotor. Once you buy it you have no more charges for TV. Outdoor TV antennas have a life expectancy of about 10 years or more depending on your weather conditions. If you are in an area like the suburbs of a big city then a smaller less expensive antenna will do. Unless you are completely surrounded by mountains that would prevent you from getting a TV signal. You may prefer this free route to go.

Look around in this forum. I for one have written quit a bit about what is happening and is going to happen with digital TV. Rather than repeating myself take a look at some of the other threads.

If you are in a place where you can put up a big dish that is say 6 foot minimum in diameter. If you can and if you are interested in services from the big dish. Let me know I will get information to you about the much less expensive programming with some of the C band providers. Same programs just costs less than with Dish or Directv.

Like I said, look around the forum. If you have any questions or would like to know how to size an antenna or where it is possible to shop for the right equipment. Just look around the forum and if you do not find it then ask. You will possibly get more help than what you may need.
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The only question I can really answer for you is that with everything going digital, you only need the satelite and your tv. It won't affect you whatsoever. The people that it will affect are the ones that still use atenae for their tvs.


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I really think this is a personal choice because each of these Satellite companies have pros and con's on their plans.You just have to figure out what meets your needs the best.

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