The Bush Years Episode 5 is missing from "On Demand"



Episode 5 of the CNN Series "The Bush Years" is missing from On Demand. Episodes 1-4 and 6 are there but I can't see Episode 5. I tried calling Comcast Support but to cut a long story short they were worse than useless and very unhelpful.

How can I get Episode 5 added back in? It is NOT a problem wioth my specific box. The one thing I did get verified is that it is a problem at the Comcast End.

I believe the reason it is missing is because when it was meant to be Broadcast it was the night the Mueller Report came out and CNN preempted the episode and showed it the next week. Somehow it didn't get caught and only Episode 6 showed up.

How can I get to see this missing episode on my TV?

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