The enigma Florence Bush


Pam Vaughn

Thank you very much Guest poster!

I did search for her in the Glen Haven Memorial Park cemetery on the "Find A Grave" website but found nothing under their "famous person" search option so switching it to search for everyone at Glen Haven, this came up...

Florence Bush (1899 - 1973) - Find A Grave Memorial

Bless her heart, and yours too for clearing this up.

Now if you could figure out who Mr. Schwamp is. :)

Seriously, Thank You again for the enlightenment.

Pam Vaughn

If her name sounds familiar that's because she's listed in the credits of many classic tv shows as HAIR STYLIST...FLORENCE BUSH. And much like Mr. Schwamp, little is known about her.

IMDB has a list of her screen credits here Florence Bush - IMDb with her final screen credit being from 1972, it's safe to assume she's passed on.

I took an interest in her a few years back after seeing her name in so many credits so many times. Who was she? Was she still alive? What did she look like?
I never found an answer to any of those questions.

Checking again tonight after seeing her name yet again, google turned up this result with a picture of Florence included (with a bobby pin in her mouth no less :))

Daytona Beach Morning Journal - Google News Archive Search

Not a great picture of her but at least it's something. I also did a Find A Grave search tonight and that turned up nothing too and that's just sad...but at least there's a picture of the lady now.

There's gotta be something more about her out there somewhere?
I knew her in Los Angeles in 1972 or 73. She was the house mother in a women’s alcohol recovery house in West LA where I stayed for a month. She told me she had been a hairdresser for the movies and had retired. She was very kind. She was tall and had a delightful laugh. She had been involved in the beginnings of AA in with Bill W. I assumed in Akron, but perhaps it was Chicago. She helped us so much, there were 5 or 6 of us in the house. I was referred there by a mental health office. It was very, very anonymous then and I’ve never spoken of this until now.
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