The Real Housewives shows are now exlusively streaming on Hulu


Many of Bravo's Real Housewives shows - of Atlanta, New York, Beverly Hills, etc. - have been added to Hulu recently.

I don't personally watch these shows, but I think it's interesting that Hulu has them available. I do like a couple of the women from other things I've seen them on: I think NeNe Leakes was awesome on The New Normal, Glee, and DTWS, and I watched the Martha Stewart version of the Apprentice, on which Bethenny Frankel was a contestant (before she was on Real Housewives).

They also have a spoof coming up, if that's more your style. (Intentional synergy?) The Hotwives of Orlando stars several popular female comedians like Casey Wilson, Kristen Shaal, and Angela Kinsey:
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