the real reason i have directv


honestly, the real reason we have directv is because of the NFL sunday ticket. i have no real complaints about directv, but if other carriers had sunday ticket, i would possibly look into using them. but until then, i will be with directv :)


The first year I signed up with DirecTV they had a special on the NFL ticket so I subscribed. I enjoyed having access to all the games, but when the next season came around and I had to pay the full price, I decided I don't like football that much.


yeah, it is kind of lame they hit you with the full price when they renew it the following year....but i am a football junkie, so i will pay to see it :)
My boyfriend is a HUGE football junkie and I don't mind it either but he keeps bugging me about the NFL ticket....honestly no matter how much we like football it's honestly not worth it to me because I basically only watch the NY Jets (my fave) and Chicago Bears (his fave)...and since we are in FL we don't really get those games on our normal cable...but he has to deal with it unless he wants to pay for it lol.


Alot depends if you follow one particular team or if you love watching all the games. If your team is good you'll probably see most of their games on the National broadcasts, if your team isn't, the NFL ticket the best way to see all their games.


Hey right now they have a special going on, where you get 4 months free service of their premier package when you buy the NFL Sunday Ticket for $75 a month. Personally you haven't seen football until you've seen it in HD. You'll never want to go back to standard definition. It might be worth looking into. You might also be able to get the Sunday Ticket with a cheaper package. I would call them and ask, they may be running more specials. 1800Directtv.

Here are some of the program details I found from their website;

You can get more info at

Save over $600 on our best television package!

* Get 4 months FREE of the PREMIER™ package when you buy NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ for $74.99/mo. for 4 months
* Over 265 all-digital channels
* Over 30 premium movie channels
* Over 35 specialty sports networks
* FREE HD DVR receiver upgrade ($199 value)*
* FREE DVR service for 4 months (reg. $5.99/mo.) with activation of a DVR-capable receiver
* Get the most NFL games available anywhere, up to 14 games every Sunday, with NFL SUNDAY TICKET™†
* Local channels included at no extra charge^
* 65 XM Satellite Radio channels included
* No equipment to buy or startup costs
* Regular price: $104.99 per month