The Rise of Digital Television Broadcasting


“The Rise of Digital Television Broadcasting”
From my point of view as a Television Broadcast Engineer

Digital communications techniques had been is use for quite a long time before anyone thought to apply that technology to Television broadcasting. The reasons for doing so are many, and some of them will be outlined in this article. Television Broadcasting in the United States had stayed essentially the same since the adoption of the electronic form of Television broadcasting that we all knew as analog Television. Analog Television served us well in its 50 plus years of use, but as with many types of technology, it was destined to be improved upon by the digital information age, and that revolutionary change is now upon us.

The promise of the digital Television transition held many unknowns for Broadcasters and viewers alike until the development was well under way. The United States was not the first country to transition, but we are one of the earlier adopters. Even today, some of the worlds most prominent nations are still well behind the U.S. in regards to converting to digital Television Broadcasting.

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This is a terrific article and it makes a strong warning about the future of our Countries' communication security. Unlike almost all cell Phone Towers, many TV Stations have diesel generator backup power supplies. If for some reason the power grid drops ... TV doesn't have to!

My parents were skiing near 'Paradise' on Mount Rainier the weekend of December 7, 1941 long before television was established on the West Coast. Someone shared about hearing a radio report about the Pearl Harbor attack and they ended their weekend immediately to drive home.

Mobile DTV is months or weeks away. It's up to readers to set themselves up as if they plan to go camping with a (modern) TV set that runs off of their cigar lighter plug.

This is reality, Folks ...