Thoughts on the VIZIO E3D420VX - 42" LCD TV



The VIZIO E3D420VX is now selling for around $500. Any thoughts on it? It does full HD 1080P, 3 HDMI ports and has the internet apps built-in.


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I don't know about that particular Vizio, but overall I'd say that Vizio has improved their picture quality than in years past. It used to be that (in forums) Vizio was considered the lower rung of HDTVs.


I bought a Visio back in 2007 and I still have it. Everyone that has watched it , has wanted one. A Visio may be cheaper in price , but nooooo way is it cheaper in quality. it is the number one selling TV in America. I would get another in a heart beat and should you ever need tech support , you get an English Speaking American and are not put on hold. With a Visio , you get more for the money.

The reason they were saying Visio was not the best quality , was because the 'Black" in a Visio was not as black as the so-called higher quality brands. But that is not the case. I could tell no difference in the quality of Blackness between my Visio , and my neighbors Samsung. Just one difference between the two , the Visio overall picture looked better than the Samsung. Get a Viso , you won't regret it.
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The****Vizio E3D0VX****is inexpensive for a 3D TV. It produces accurate color and it's matte screen helps reduce reflections in bright rooms. The TV's feature set is superb, including a QWERTY remote control, built-in Wi-Fi and an Internet TV suite. Passive 3D on this TV has fewer artifacts. But the design of its Internet content menus can make services difficult to access, and its external styling is lackluster. Passive 3D shows visible line structure. And also the 2D picture quality is poor when compared to 3D.
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