Time Warner Vs. AT&T


There is a huge competition going right now in my area between Time Warner and AT&T. Both offer phone, cable, and internet service. Both also are around the same price, but AT&T is offering special promotions where they are guaranteeing to lock in a lower price to new customers that will not increase. Has anyone had any experience with AT&T's services? I am hesitant to switch because Time Warner has given me such an extremely fast internet connection, but at the same time I would love to save some money.
Timewarner vs AT&T

That is great if AT&T is locking in their price for customers. If you know someone that has the service; maybe you could ask them how is the quality of their internet service.:)


Well I will tell you this about AT&T. I have been trying for months to get them to send me my rebate certificate so I can get my $125 cash back. I was on the phone for an hour today trying to get a freaking human being to speak to to resolve this problem.

In my opinion right now it would be much quicker for me to call the FCC and AJ of my state than try and deal with this issue. I am SICK AND TIRED OF TALKING TO COMPUTERS!