Time Warner won't run cable upstares because I'm a renter


I live out in Riverside cty. I have Time Warners cable on my tv right now but only in my living room . But up stairs I dont have any type of cable because time Warners will not runn wires up stairs because im a renter. Now with this new box that is being sold to be able to watch TV upstairs, will my regular TV look more clear with this box then a regular antiena. or will I still have problems being able to get channels because of the distance from TV stations. Right now with my regular antiena, it is hard to get channels. So please let me know thank you. Martha


Hey Martha, I'd think that any kind of hardwired cable connection would be better than an antenna - Unless there's an interruption in the cable service of course.

And I've known renters who've run their own cables, or had cable splitting boxes that they weren't supposed to have.

Do I understand this - The new box will transmit to the upstairs TV without wires?

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