Tivax STB-T9 Info

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Tivax's website is poorly translated, but atleast they've got the specifications on their STB-T9 available.

By the way, this quote is very misleading, taken from: tivax:
Cable and satellite providers are not required to give you all FREE Digital TV signals. Why should they? You might be very pleased with better quality FREE Digital Television. That’s the “secret” many people do not know. Tivax gives you immediate access to FREE Digital Television signals – at no extra cost!?

TIVAX STB-T9 Set Top Box (Converter Box)
NTIA certified coupon converter box
Main features
■ Receives free on air High Definition TV broadcast
■ Auto scan
■ Electronic program guide and program information
■ Parental control
■ Supports both 4:3 and 16:9 TV aspect modes
■ Closed-Captioning
■ Dolby Digital
■ Full operation by remote control
■ ENERGY STAR compliant
■ NTIA certified, Qualified for $40 coupon
■ English, Spanish & French on-screen display

Specifications ■ Includes remote control (with batteries), RF cable, AV cable
■ Inputs/outputs: Antenna/RF Coaxial and Smart Antenna interface, composite video, stereo audio (L/R), and 1 Antenna/RF output
■ Warranty terms: 90 days
■ Weight: 1 lb
■ Dimensions: 6.3wX 1.8hX 8.7d
■ 480i standard video output

Source: tivax