TIVO/Cable Card- no option by to cancel new Comcast account?



I have been a TIVO owner for 15 years, through multiple different TIVOs, different cable companies in different cities (including Comcast before). Recently, my building here in Chicago allowed Comcast in, so I was glad to come back, as I had great experience with Comcast and my TIVo before. Unfortunately, 8 seemingly defective cable cards, 2 different in-person techs, and the best I've been able to get is that one of out 8 cable cards that we tried works ONLY on local channels, not ESPN, not HBO (the other 7 worked with no channels). The last tech left after 4 hours of calling different tiers of support, with no success. One of the reps I talked to on the phone said it must be my TIVO, and patched me over to TIVO. TIVO people correctly pointed out that it is very unlikely be my TIVO as: (1) it was recently working with a cable card with a different company; (2) at least one of the cable cards works with local channels.

So I'm completely at a loss, as Comcast has offered me no reasonable next step. My hunch is that I'm just getting bad cable cards (the first tech said his previous case he had to go through 20 cable cards before one works), but Comcast keeps sending out these techs with just 4 of them to me... I've already invested 6 hours waiting around while these cable cards all failed.

In all, while I'm a new (well, returning) customer and really want to have Comcast, I'm not seeing any option but to cancel, and switch to my other option- RNC- in hopes that they can give me an actual working cable card. Any help anyone here can give me would be greatly appriciated.

"TIVO/Cable Card- no option by to cancel new Comcast account?," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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