Top 100 Reasons Celebs are Idiots


Who else can't stand those kinds of shows? I see them on the TV Guide for E! and MTV fairly often, and to be honest, I don't really see why anyone would give half a damn about when Schwarzenegger ate at burger king or when Paris Hilton's Chihuahua peed on the Queen Mother's couch.

There are a few in Britain, but for some reason, the most common phrase on them is "And then he said '************ you, you ************ing mother************er'". I guess that was Top 100 Most Childish Insults.


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I like to hear celebs interviewed where they are free to talk. Long interviews not ones meant to fit a 2 minute E block on a news or talk show.

I can't stand shows like First Edition or anything that evolves tabloidism and paparazzi prying into people's lives.

Paparazzi on pizza is a dish best served cold. Very very cold.............


Yeah, 2 minutes is how long it takes me to tell a guy to mind his own business when he asks about who I slept with and when the baby is due. You know, I talked to Mr. T once, and he's a really awesome guy, you can feel his energy, although, I'm sure he would pity me if I barraged him with questions and bugged him for an autograph.


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It's hard to generalize. But after Kanye West's "jackass" interruption on Taylor Swift, he now epitomizes the Top 100 Reasons (Why) Celebs are Idiots. Now, please wait...
From now on, whenever you look up 100 reasons why celebrities are idiots, you'll see Kanye West's picture. I'm glad Obama called him a jackass even if it was off the record.


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ET used to be a good show when it first started. Now you get about 8 minutes of 'coming up next' stuff. Seriously, if they cut out all of those 'and next' promos, they could cover things more in depth, or add more. Hollywood 411 on TV Guide channel does a whopping 6 to 6 1/2 minutes of commercials between segments.

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