Top 5 Method Actors

A method actor is someone who doesn't break character even after cut has been called and the cameras stop rolling. Sometimes this proccess gets taken to the extreme, and some end in tragic circumstances. Health Ledger will always be remembered and shows how dangerous method acting can be. Sometimes it just gets outlandish, like Daniel Day Lewis texting as Abraham Lincoln.

#1- Daniel Day-Lewis
#2- Michael Ironside
#3- Jim Carrey
#4- Heath Ledger
#5- Ed Harris


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Jim Carrey is so under appreciated as an actor in general (not talking comedic roles)...he's one of my top 5 for sure, and an idol. Agree with most on that list, just not too familiar with Michael Ironside.
Michael Ironside was the great Richter in Total Recall (the real one), the commander in Starship Troopers, and the naval captain in X-men First Class. It's his ridiculous roles, and strong personality that just make me think how amusing it must have been on set.

Jim Carrey is so underrated. I'm so sad the movie didn't cash out at the box office, because he made Kick-Ass 2 for me. And the man can do drama!
I have a Question. Who is Health Ledger. I'm wondering if he was that guy who played the joker in one of those Bat Man Movies. Now that man was a true example of a person determined to do the job right. People say he stayed up for day's studying the character intensely . The medicine he took to stay up, had him on a roll. It's sad that he had to die. But that was definitely a hero for the acting world. Out of all the good actors there are out there , none of them probably would ever act to their death. I had watched the scene with him in it and I was really pleased. I have always wanted to be a actor and he even gave me the motivation along with many others to strive harder.
Jim Carrey will always be one of my all time favorite actors. In the older movie The Mask. He had really did his part. It was sort a funny thrill, at least for me. Then of course there's Me, Myself and Irene. How crazy was that movie. The things he did in that movie was unbelievable . After that's what makes him who he is. He can turn the act on and off like a light switch. My type of actor. Do you ever know when he's actually being himself, probably not . Of course if you study him, then you understand when he is acting and when he is himself.
i know one of them , how is my fav actor Daniel Day-Lewis texted as Abraham Lincoln.
know one of them , who is my fav actor Daniel Day-Lewis texted as Abraham Lincoln.

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