Top TV Shows of 2013

2013 and now dipping into 2014, TV programming has made some drastic changes. There have been a few hits and a lot of misses. I will limit this post to those shows that are available via digital media (netflix, hulu, etc). There are hundreds of shows out there how can you know exactly which ones you might enjoy, and which can be forgotten. Many film actors are now making the cross to network television but are all those jumps adivised or are they major flops.

Fantasy seems to be a major theme of 2013 with major hits such as Once Upon a Time, and some fell short (and off the air) like Last Resort of the latest Battlestar Gallactica. Sci-fi shows have made a spectacular comeback in the years since lost, on the heels of hits like Almost Human and dark-horse Revoltution. So withut further ado I present my picks for the best TV series of 2013-2014.

#1- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Who would have guess that Andy Sandberg's first attempt at comedy post-SNL (without Adam Sandler) would be such a brilliant hit. Already a Golden Globe winner in its' first season, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a cop comedy for all ages. Something no show has done before Sandberg brings charm and light-hearted attitudes to the world of detectives. With so many "realistic" cop shows on the market this is exactly the style and comedy that is needed to revamp a completely dead and lifeless genre.

#2- Once Upon a Time

Not to be confused with the spin-off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, this show excels in fantasy and story-telling. Having multiple plot-lines, and keeping them accurate, can be either elevate a show or be its' undoing. In this case, the writers handle the story with the greatest of ease, and always leave you wondering why all shows are not this well-written. A mix of just about every Disney film, Mother Goose tale, of Fantasy story yu have every seen, it keeps you engaged and always creates excitement with a new character. With everyone from Snow White, to Mulan, to Peter Pan and Hook this show pays the greatest respect to the stories we all grew up on. It brings your childhood favorites to the screen in perfect and relatable fashion. With an extremely heart-wrenching thrid season finale this show has absoltutely gained its' place amongst the greats.

#3- Almost Human

The surprise sci-fi hit of the year. Sure it debuted late in 2013, and is still rolling, but it came with such force it is the sci-fi hit of the year. At the lead is Karl Urban, hot off brilliant performances in Dredd and as Bones in Star Trek, and he really brings the future to us today the same way Arnold did in Total Recall or Harrison Ford in Blade Runner. It takes place in 2048, when police foreces have been supllemented with robot officers. A collage of Minority Report, Blade Runner, and Dredd, this show brings sci-fi back to the mainstream in a way we haven't seen since the 80's. If you love futuristic shows, or are looking for a bold unique new show look no further!

#4- 30 Rock

After a very successful and hillarious tenure Tina Fey's brainchild has come to and end. The finale with Star Wars references galore made me very sad and disappointed it will not be back. Every season upped the ante on the comedy and improved on the laughs, and this season is no exception. If you have not seen this show you must go and watch it from the beginning. The acting performances and writing puts this show in a league of its own. In an endless ocean of laugh-tracks and boring/over-used puns this show as an important island of brilliant comedy.

#5- Arrested Development

Brought back to life by Netflix after 7 long years of fans hoping for a comeback. It arrives with such a funny KO punch you should expect from such a comedy legend. The story of the dysfunctional Bluth family continues along the absurd and outlandish lines drawn in the first 3 seasons. One of the few comedy shows that has been critcally acclaimed thrughout its' run, Arrested Development deserves all the praise it receives. A compelling story, combined with incredible acting, and chock full of in-jokes, Arrested Development may be the smartest show on television. There is no catch-up flashbacks to allow the new viewer to jump right in to the lengthy plotline, but the jokes will land with any audience. If you appreciate comedy frm the minds of people like Larry David, this is the show for you. But if you want to experience all of the charm and humor do yourself a favor and start frm the beginning, it will be worth your time and commitment.

Honorable Mentions-
Shows that didn't quite make the top 5 but certainly deserve the recgnition.

-The Following
Kevin Bacon shows he can still be a top actor and leads this drama along the most suspenseful plot lines in recent TV memory

The final year of Seth Meyers as head writer and host of Weekend Update had some of the most genuinely funny moments in SNL history. Stephon is easily the best weekend update guest, and may even be the best SNL character ever created, and to see Seth interact with Bill Hader at that level was always enjoyable

-Downton Abbey
While I do not care for the long over-drawn plots or the almost soapy drama, the acting and attention to detail is amazing. This is how to make a period piece

Benedict Cumberbach and Martin Freeman at their best. IF yu liked them as Khan or Bilbo, this is a must watch. By far the best performances for them both, it almost seems like Watson and Sherlock were written for the two of them. This season they bring the infamous Moriarty into the picutre making this the best pure detective show in the past 10 years

Shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones are to generic and long-winded. I shouldn't have to wait a full season on a cliffhanger it actually defeats the suspense, and lessens the quality of writing. Relying on twists and cliffhangers is the laziest style of writing, and is utilized to subtly coerce the viewer int tuning in the next week. I would prefer a show so intelligent and well written the story-telling and characters are what draws me back the next week, not to answer the question of who killed who (if I wanted that I would play Clue instead). And combined with the fact Breaking Bad had one of the most generic, phoned-in finales ever is enough reason to forget about them

Obviously I missed a few, and people will no doubt question the omission of certain titles, but as far as quality, writing, and story-telling goes this is the highlights of the year.


this is one of my favorite shows of all time!!!!!! karl urban aka Vaako, that's Riddick talk for all yall, and the actor who plays dorian have great chemistry. it makes me feel like blade runner was brought to TV amazing!!!!!
Riddick was great, a little to lengthy in the scenes with his dog but a great film overall. Makes me excited t see the future of Riddick and Vaako (and don't forget Dame Vaako)!
Unregistered;bt1558 said:
this is one of my favorite shows of all time!!!!!! karl urban aka Vaako, that's Riddick talk for all yall, and the actor who plays dorian have great chemistry. it makes me feel like blade runner was brought to TV amazing!!!!!

Love the commentary it almost is a noir piece and that's part of what makes it so compelling.
PecolaR;bt1560 said:
I've heard Brooklyn nine-nine is good. But never got the chance to see it for myself.

I would highly reccomend giving it a chance. It is probably the most consistently funny show since That 70's Show, South Park, or 30 Rock

I've recently gotten addicted to Almost Human. My wife hates the show, so I have to wait til she goes to bed to watch most nights (Thank You DVR)! Great list of the top TV shows and thanks for sharing!