Toshiba to sell First Large Glasses-Free 3D TV

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Toshiba to Sell World's First Large Glasses-Free 3D TV to Boost Demand - Bloomberg

From the article:

"Toshiba Corp. plans to sell the world’s first large-sized 3-D televisions that don’t require viewers to wear special glasses, an advance which may aid the popularity of a technology that’s been slow to catch on.

The Tokyo-based electronics-maker will introduce in the year starting in April 3-D TVs 40-inches and larger that do away with the need for the glasses, Vice President Atsushi Murasawa said at a briefing today at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The sets will be introduced in Japan, North America and Europe, he said." ...


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They've been trying to get this off the ground for ages, and a drawback with these TVs is still the fact that to get the full 3D effect you need to be sitting at a pretty narrow and specific distance and angle from the TV to get the benefit.

Something I guess they will improve with time, but meanwhile who wants to spend the horrendous amount to get one of the first ones?