Hi everyone,
I purchased to of the convertor boxes with no analog passthrough. Now I find out all of the stations we receive here in Wolf Point Montana are through translators so I need an analog switch for the boxes. Does anyone know where to purchase those? I can't seem to find the correct one on the web.
Thanks for any help.
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Jason Fritz

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Hi K9,
I wanted to attach some information about translators in case anyone's to know more about translators and what they do.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) did not include low power, Class A or translator stations in the mandatory transition to digital, which means that some people won’t be affected by the transition.
Here is how the FCC describes these stations:

Class A stations are former low-power stations that have some interference protection rights not available to low-power stations. They must broadcast three hours of locally-produced program each week and operate much the same as full-power stations.

Low-Power stations provide opportunities for locally-oriented TV in small communities, which may be in rural or individual communities within larger urban areas. Programming can include satellite-delivered programming, syndicated programs, movies, and various locally-produced programs.

Translator stations rebroadcast programming from full-power stations to live in regions that are unable to receive the full-power signals because they are too far away or live in the mountains or other remote areas.
K9, a cheap fix I would recommend would be to purchase an inexpensive splitter ($5.00). If you go with his route, the general set up would be to disconnect your antenna cable from your digital converter box and connect it to the input of the splitter. Then connect one of the output of the splitter directly to your television set, prefferably the antenna input connection. Then use the other output of the splitter to connect it to your converter box. Hopefully you're running a RCA connection (red, white, yellow) from the converter box to the tv? If you're using a coax connection from your converter box, you can actually use the VCR coax/RF connection to connect the converter box to the TV.

Here's a picture of a splitter

Hope this helped, let us know if you have any other questions.



I was under the impression that all of the boxes where able to convert from the digital to the analog signals. But again thanks Jay for the information. I was afraid I would have to get that information for her. And most people I know either have a VCR or a splitter.

If you do not have either, check at your local dollar store they generally have splitter, if not then any Radio Shack would have one.