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Gonna try and keep this thread narrowly focused. I’ve got this 12’ UHF/VHF antenna. I also have 60’ oak trees. Goal is to set the antenna up as far from those trees as possible, but staying in the home yard side of the pasture fence.
Aiming for Jacksonville, Fl. Trees are directly in the path, but there’s a dip in the treetops line which I’ll take advantage of. I never figured the depth of the tree grove, but the dip runs all thru it so doesn’t matter. The antenna would be based just under 200’ feet from the nearest treetop (bottom of the dip).
I’m inclined to tilt the antenna upwards, aimed at or near the bottom of the dip. The angle would be about 16 degrees. Would that give it the best chance of detecting JAX signals, vs. setting it closer to horizontal? I’m curious however, about exposing more surface of the elements to closer towers from the S. to SE. directions.
I will send TVfool and images if needed.

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Welcome, Mr Lewp!

You have the right idea ... but ...

If tilting the "front" of your Yagi-style antenna upwards raises the director elements 4" ... than raising the entire antenna 4" accomplishes the same thing. Television signals travel in layers, so raising OR lowering an antenna by a foot or two can often improve reception. Before permanently locating your antenna, try it in a variety of locations ... up, down, right, left, forward and backwards until you find the best place to mount it.


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Many times you can get a better signal close to the ground so don't rule that out.
At 30 feet off the ground an antenna will be blocked by all the leaves.
At 6 feet, you can avoid the leaves.
Tilting antennas very slightly may give some conditions so it's always worth a try
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