Tried Bing out yet?


I decided to give it a try to find a new image for my desktop, and I used it to find some data on the swine flu (Death count around 2000), and well...

Previously, I had Google, YouTube Search, Wikipedia, Final Fantasy Wiki, Photobucket, in my search engines on Firefox...

I'm considering removing YT as well. :p


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Bing is alright. Havent warmed up to it yet. However, having alternative search engines are good. I will probably use it as my number 2 instead of Yahoo, now....however, seeing as they are becoming the same...well....that is not really a big move.

FWIW, I really like the bold showy color enhanced pictures that they use as backrounds on Bing.
I don't try anything out or buy anything that has to use ads which annoy and insult my intelligence. the 'Bing' ads show everything that has absolutely nothing to do with a search engine and then has this annoying 'BING!' at the end followed by the Microsoft logo. i am then left wondering 'was that an ad for a computer something?!' what was that?!'