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I am having trouble getting a television to work with a digital antenna. The tv is an HDTV sharp aquos. I bought a phillips dtv indoor antenna hoping to pick up all the extra channels out there now. I figured since I live only about a mile from the transmission towers, an indoor model would suffice.

The tv has two coax sockets, one marked "AIR IN" and "CABLE" -- I plugged the antenna into the air socket, and when I tried to use the "Antenna Setup-DIGITAL" function on the tv's soft menu, the entry was grayed out -- it wouldnt allow me to do the setup. I did the search for channels thing anyway -- alot of analog channels come up but no digital ones:( Plugging the antenna into the cable slot yields similar results.

So, while I realize this may be a model specific problem, I was hoping that maybe someone here has come across a similar problem and could offer some advice on how to set this tv up to recieve digital broadcasts.

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I also have the same exact model TV and had the same exact problem as you about a year ago. :)

You won't be able to access the greyed out option until you go through the "CH Setup" in the setup menu, which will allow you to autoscan for digital channels. Another important detail would be to make sure you have "Air" selected and not "Cable" when you do a search.
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Thanks for the quick reply HT,

I just did a rescan of the channels, and I selected air only, and not the cable option. Unfortunately though, the Digital setup is still grayed out. Also, I am down from about 8 channels to three now, and the quality is significantly lower. Does it make sense that the tv seems to tune in OTA channels better when it thinks that they are cable? wierd. Anyway, since that didnt work, does it just mean that the TV cant pull any digital signal? Perhaps my line of sight is blocked?


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Hi Riddley,
You may have already seen a few of these but here are a few links w/ quotes to others who have had the same problem with the Sharp Aquos TV.

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The Antenna setup will be greyed out until you go through 'CH Setup' in the setup menu. This will scan for available digital and analogue channels. If you do pickup a digital channel, the antenna setup option should be available.
Problem with Sharp Aquos TV setup: digital vs. analog? - Yahoo! Answers
MOST LIKELY it's your Antenna button or INPUT button that caused this....

Yes some TV sets have a DIGITAL tuner and an ANALOG tuner completely separated from each other....

So you have to look for the ANT button or the INPUT button or the TV/Video Button or the SOURCE button...

Then press it again and again until the picture comes back....and WAIT between presses....wait about 30 seconds....
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Are you sure you selected "Air" and not "Cable" when you did your search? From looking at the manual, if you select "Air" there is no option for analog or digital it is an all channel search. Just an idea.


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This is a very good thing to know as I have a HDTV and would basically know that there are additional things I will need to do to make sure that all works after the conversion.


Hi the problem I'm having is one of my channels (should be digital) remains analog after doing all the required Change Memory Settings + AnAntenna Setup - Digital +EZ Setup?
Any help would be appreciated.