Turn Your Apple TV into a Wii-like game console?

There are a lot of things that Apple has done since coming out with the iPhone that have turned the industry around. There are a lot of things that companies producing apps to be sold for Apple products that are helping to further the Apple stranglehold on the industry. The time is now for the competitors to take note of what users will be able to do with their Apple TV and iPhones. You'll be able to turn them into your own version of a game console like the Nintendo Wii.

View attachment 2474 With an app from the company Rolocule that was just released, you will be able to play a tennis game on your Apple TV by using your iPhone as the remote control. The company has released only the one game thus far, but it is fitting that it was released around Wimbledon season, which is the greatest time of the year for tennis fans.

This first game released by Rolocule with this technology is called Motion Tennis. The game is available in the app store for $7.99 in the United States and despite its unique gaming perspective, users will be able to play multiple functions including single player versus the computer with four different difficulties, a co-op doubles match with two human players going against two computer players and a final mode of survival. In survival, the first player to miss a point loses the match.

To play the game, you don't need to hit any buttons on your phone while holding it, rather the type of shot you take depends on the hand motion you use. Among the shots you can complete are lobs, slice and regular. The way the Apple TV reads the action of your phone is through a technology called AirPlay Mirroring. This technology takes the beams from the video and audio of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touches with Wi-Fi, but only onto second and third generation Apple TV units.


Those who don't own an Apple TV can still play a trial version of the game by downloading an AirPlay emulator on your Mac or PC. You'll be able to play a couple of trial games to determine if the game is something you would want to play on a larger screen. One possible downfall of the unit would be if you are playing with a weak Wi-Fi signal. You might experience lag that could drastically affect your gameplay option. You would be best off trying this when your internet signal is at its strongest.

The app will surely be followed by other games and will make things interesting around the holidays when kids starting asking for a Wii. Instead, parents might look towards the cheaper alternative and purchase the Apple TV, especially if their child already has an iPhone in their pocket.


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