TV and/or phone service without Comcast internet?



Two questions ...

Next week I'll be having our city's new 1Gbps fiber optic internet service installed. At the same time I'll be canceling my Comcast internet service and possibly my X1 and digital phone services as well. Note that I'm on a (costly) Triple Play package which is out of contract, so I can cancel w/out penalty.

Q1) if I wanted to retain Comcast TV service (X1 or otherwise) and/or Comcast phone service, will either work via a different provider's internet, or is Comcast's own internet service (and gateway) a prerequisite for each?

Q2) when I cancel Comcast internet service can I retain my email address(es)? I think I read somewhere that you can.


"TV and/or phone service without Comcast internet?," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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