TV Box Is Super loud All-The-Time!



We've tried everything to silence the constatnt "whirring" sound coming from our Xfinity TV Box - short of unplugging it. It's a Model PX013ANM. We live in a very small home cannot escape the noise.

Is this an old model? Has the problem been fixed (fan or dvr spinning?)? Is there a new quiet tv box available?

Adding insult to injury is the monthly fee we've been paying for this mandatory piece of equipment through the years.

We had to make two trips to your retail store many miles away. The first "junker" box wouldn't even power on and we've simply tolerated this loud, power-eating box out of resignation. We're about resigned to leaving Comcast now that our bill has gone from $113 to $146 a month.

"TV Box Is Super loud All-The-Time!," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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