Tv freezing every day. Random reboots



Multiple times per day the tv box reboots. Then around 8 pm it freezes and gives an error signal stating that the internet is not available. Then we can only turn to a few local channels. Xfinitys resets don’t help. A tech came and told us that the wires had been eaten by squirrels. He gave new ones and left. Welp 8 pm The same night I was back on the phone with xfinity. The rep says “ I don’t want you to have to pay for another tech visit. “ I was like “why should I be charged for a problem the tech didn’t fix and I didn’t do it” xfinity should be taking half off my bill for dealing with this for a while till it got really bad. So another tech is coming tomorrow to try to figure out the problem. I thought that they should have given me a new box. Our internet loses connection intermittently. I need internet at night for my son’s seizure monitor. It loses connection too much. I pay premium prices for top package and shouldn’t be getting subpar service. And they have the nerve to charge us extra for service visits. I’m about ready to spend $10 thousand to chop down trees so we can have direct tv.

"Tv freezing every day. Random reboots," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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