TV is unwatchable due to interference



I have had two techs out here within 4 days for my problems such as interference and pixelation with my TV service and neither were able to fix our problems. I need to escalate this because the techs blame maintenance and maintenance claims they fixed the problem and the distortion in my TV is making it unwatchable. The tech who came today (James) was unable to gain access to test the outside node or pedestal or whatever because it was in a neighbor's yard and they weren't home. So, here we sit trying to watch the game and hoping to be able to see it, but can't because it's just so shattered and pixelated and even the sound is dropping words. I am paying $220 a month and have been very unhappy with the support I've gotten. I need help and don't know where to talk to anyone.

"TV is unwatchable due to interference," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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