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I have two TVs in different rooms. With the first one, if I turn on a particular computer monitor the signal strength on channel 7 drops to 0 and the picture disappears. When I turn off the monitor the picture comes back.
With the other TV, the picture on channel 7 is black or extremely pixelated at night, but is fine in the daytime. Turning off and unplugging devices doesn't help with this one. How can I fix these problems so I can watch channel 7? Thanks in advance for any help, tips, suggestions, or advice you can offer!

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Regarding your second TV reception problem, there are three main reasons digital tuners are unable to convert RF video signals into solid/dependable pictures: too much signal strength (rare), too little signal strength (common), or they are receiving a confusing stream of data (typical) which is called multipath reception. In all three cases the solution is to (first) move your antenna to different locations and the issue may resolve itself. Secondly, a different type of antenna may be necessary and without more details we can't really say much more.

I'm guessing your first TV is not using the same antenna as your second TV and it's probably using an indoor 'rabbit ear' or panel antenna which is near your computer monitor. It is possible your monitor is generating an interfering signal that your TV antenna is collecting, especially if it has a built-in amplifier. Secondly, it probably shares the same 110VAC power source/circuit and although not common, it is possible your monitor is generating some sort of 'noise' which is being sent into the shared power source. I suggest you (temporarily) disconnect your TV from the common power source and try running it off of an extension cord plugged into a different circuit in your home and see if the problem remains. Again, more details are necessary for us to continue.

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