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D.V. Dee

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Hello...I want to improve the audio on my Milanix MX7 digital portable TV set by connecting it to a set of external speakers.

The TV set has two output jacks, a headphone and an AV Out.

Can I connect the tv set to the speakers with a 3.5 mm cable from the tv's AV Out to the speakers' AUX In OK?

Or do I need another kind of connection ?

Thanks in advance for any responses!

Fringe Reception

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Your earphone jack is internally switched to shut off the TV sets' speaker/s and by design, the audio output level may be limited to that jack. If you use the Audio Output (AV) socket/s, you will have to go into the setup menu to disable the TV sets' speaker/s and it should provide full audio signal output. I hope this helps.

Jim and the DTVUSA Forum staff

D.V. Dee

DTVUSA Jr. Member
I ran an audio cable from the headphone jack of the TV set to the Bose Companion 2 Series III speakers' (at the
suggestion of the Bose speaker setup guide) Aux In, turned down the TV's audio, and got pretty good sound
from the speakers.

But I will also try your suggested setup too, Thanks!

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