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The Voice is having a tour, with Dia Frampton from season 1, last season's finalists (Tessane Chin, Will Champlin, and Jackie Lee), this season's finalists (Josh Kaufman, Jake Worthington, and Christina Grimmie), the fan-voted choice from this season, Kristen Merlin... and Jake Barker (who seems an odd fit considering he was eliminated way earlier in the season). Information is at: The Voice Tour: Summer 2014 | NBC The Voice

Derek and Julianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars have a tour starting in a few days: Move Live on Tour

Nashville also recently had a short tour: ‘Nashville’ Concert Tour Dates - TVLine Ironically, they only went to 3 cities and Nashville was not included, although a few of the comments on that page said some of the actors perform in the city regularly anyway.

Glee had a big tour a few years ago, and I know other competition shows like American Idol have done so in the past. I know that some of the pros from Dancing with the Stars have done other live shows too, though I don't think any were related to DWTS itself.

Have you attended any TV-related concerts? Are there other shows you'd like to see follow suit? And are there any other upcoming tours for other shows?


I loved the original glee cast before they introduced the transexual dude/woman/whatever. I woulda gladly attentded a concert but not anymore. It is a very different show than what it was back then.


The appropriate term for the character you're referring to is transgender woman. First, transsexual has a specific meaning that doesn't apply to her, and which you probably shouldn't use that word unless you actually know what you're talking about and know the person identifies as such. Second, you should always refer to a person by the gender they identify with. Of course, a better solution is to actually use a person's name, which in this case the character is called Unique. In no case should you refer to a person as "whatever," since that's just plain rude.

Furthermore, if you're saying that you won't watch a show because it has a character who is transgender, I sincerely hope that you broaden your horizons.

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