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This question is about "TWC legacy standard internet speeds, esp. upload?", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. HI all,

My first post here. I can't find out what my legacy internet speeds are supposed to be. My speedtest results are 23 down and 2.3 up. I ask because I was having connection problems on a wired connection in Google Meet / Hangouts, which I need to use for classes right now. The connection was fine on Thursday and bad on Friday. I went through a number of steps with a tech, many of which I had already taken, including bypassing the router. Then he looked at my account and said that I was provisioned for a TWC account and could be reprovisioned under a Spectrum account. But he didn't mention what my curren limits are. In short, I don't think I want to move to Spectrum now because at the moment I can't afford transitional problems. So does anyone know what my speeds are? If I'm limited to 2mbps then there's no point in trying to find a workaround, such as at the router. But if I should be at 5 then there might be something I can do. Also, if anyone has tips they would be appreciated. I'm not posting more information at this point because if the answer is that I am at my limit, there's not much to be done. Thanks in advance.

TWC legacy standard internet speeds, esp. upload??

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