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This question is about "Twelve technician dispatches within past 3 months - issues still persist", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I don't know what to expect from posting here, but I am running out of patience and tolerance for what has been an extremely frustrating experience. Since January 18th, 2019, I have had twelve technicians attempt to repair my service, including six maintenance dispatches. The issue has been with consistant packet loss, but has also shown symptoms through inconsistent down/upstream speeds as well as intermittent connectivity.

I have had service for over two years, and for the first two years my service worked excellent. It was what I considered the best internet service I have had at any living unit I have had connected. About 3 months ago, things took a turn and since then I have been plagued with consistant packet loss which ruins my experience in attempting to do online streaming or play videogames, both of which are hobbies that bring side income for me. Today I had to take my computer to my brother's home in the next town over just to be able to compete in tournaments online, knowing that I would be unable to deal with packet loss issues leading to poor performance in my online games.

I am having difficulty understanding why it is taking this many technician dispatches to resolve a problem that is easily identifiable by every technician that has come to visit. They are able to measure noise, packet loss, and low speeds on their JDSU at the tap when they come to try to isolate the issues. I have had two different field managers attempt to work with me, and a customer service manager attempt to work with me. At this point, the amount of dispatches that have come to my home far exceeds the amount of revenue that Spectrum could have obtained from me as a customer.

What can I do, or who can I talk to that can get this issue resolved? I am about to break the lease on where I live and move if this can't be fixed. I am becoming depressed and frustrated by this experience and have no where else to turn but to attempt to post here for guidance.

Twelve technician dispatches within past 3 months - issues still persist?

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