(Two) brand new X1 DVR(s) fail on boot up, displays "Sorry, your box needs to be updated"

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Hello everyone,

I apologize in advance for the wall of text, but I am hoping someone knows something about the issue we are experiencing at my house regarding our DVR. Here's the backstory:

We have been with Comcast for quite a few years now with services (DVR, Internet, home security, landline) however, due to Covid we turned off everything in March except internet as we are working from home. When we did this, the rep on the other end said we got a free Flex box with our internet at no cost so sure, why not. We got the Flex box and it is essentially an Amazon fire which we also have (and is set up already) so we continued to use the fire instead of the flex box.

The Tuesday before last (Oct 13, 2020) we decided to reup and get back on Cable with the DVR so we called Customer cervice, had the package added to our account and drove down to the local Comcast store and picked up our new XG1v4-A cable box. When we booted this box it at first couldn't find the new device on our account so I had to call in and have it added. It appeared to fix the issue and the cable box started booting up and the Customer service rep hung up. When the cable box started to load the guide it then went to a black screen that says the following (please note there is no error code on this screen):

"Sorry, your box needs to be updated

This TV Box doesn't support your new flex service. You should recieve your new flex box soon. If you have questions about your new order give us a call at 1-800-xfinity or visit an Xfinity store near you"

There is no error code displayed and the DVR doesn't go past this point. At the time of writing this I have spent well over 5 hours with Customer support over the phone troubleshooting, physically replaced the cable box with a new one from the Comcast store (which is crazy busy so no fun to do), and we have also had 2 Technicians come out to the house, verify everything is working correctly here and place a call to their customer service.

The first technician that came out on Sunday (the 18th) was advised that the issue should be corrected and that I would need to wait 24 hours. He was also told this is a national issue and they are working on. This seems odd to me as I don't see anything in the forums which seems really strange for a national "outage". The 1st tech rescheduled someone to come back out to my house on Tuesday (48 hours later) so that if the problem wasnt resolved, I wouldn't need to call in and set up another appointment.

Unfortunately, the issue remained and the second tech got the same information, It's been fixed and I would need to wait 24 hours. Well here we are 48 hours later and the issue still remains. We have been credited some money as the service isn't working still however this is getting pretty frustrating to be honest 😞

I did send a text this morning after checking the box to the last technician that was here (per his instructions) and asked him what are the next steps to take and he is saying now that since it is a national issue I need to wait 1 - 2 weeks......

Few other pieces of information:

-We did return the Flex box the same day we picked up the 1st DVR

-We do still currently have internet, this hasn't been impacted

-I have rebooted my entire network with no change to the DVR

-Multiple customer service agents have looked at our account and claim there is no Flex codes that could be causing the issue. They have also pushed out the system update to the DVR probably 60 times + with no change, not exaggerating 😞

This is kind of a last ditch effort on my part to resolve the issue as I kind of feel like the technicians and their customer support are just passing the buck back and forth so any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks for your time!


"(Two) brand new X1 DVR(s) fail on boot up, displays "Sorry, your box needs to be updated"," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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