Two New PVRs

We have a new PVR / converter box on Amazon which is similar to the HomeWorx and iView units, but $67. One report states the firmware is stable out-of-the-box. : Viewtv VT-163 ATSC Digital TV Converter Box and Media Player w/ Recording PVR Function / HDMI Out / Coaxial Out / Composite Out / USB Input : Dtv Converters : Electronics

Also discovered the ematic at103b available at for just $30. No video component output.
Ematic AT103B Digital Converter Box with LED Display and Recording Capabilities: TV & Video :

Here's a link to the manual: IM_Eng_size130x185mm.pdf

Thanks go to MrPogi for finding these new deals.
Nice. I like the Viewtv VT-163 model already :) With my wife's Amazon Prime membership its listing for $59.99 today...hmmm, may have to buy it before she gets home!
I can't believe that they actually include an HMDI and component cable with the box as well! I remember setting up my first PVR that was computer hard drive-based...pain in the rear. This looks too easy to use/setup for the money.


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If the firmware is stable out of the box that would be a huge plus. My iView 3500STB has been more of a hobby than a DVR. You always have problems with tuner problems and recording glitches, but the recordings are full quality and fully transferable. I can plug the hard drive from the iView into my computer and stream the recordings to any of my three Rokus using the MyMedia channel. $20 extra for stable reliable firmware would be well worth it.
If the firmware is stable out of the box that would be a huge plus. My iView 3500STB has been more of a hobby than a DVR. You always have problems with tuner problems and recording glitches, but the recordings are full quality and fully transferable. I can plug the hard drive from the iView into my computer and stream the recordings to any of my three Rokus using the MyMedia channel. $20 extra for stable reliable firmware would be well worth it.
What kind of recording glitches are you seeing with the iView? Mainly interested from the standpoint of avoiding "hobby" projects when we go "cut wire" again in the home! I'm pushing for sooner than later...Momma is pushing me for later, so I have to have the setup tight before we do it again.


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The iView has a "double searching" "hiccup" on some of the channels. I'm not sure why. It doesn't like the PSIP, or it has issues with multipath?.. I don't know. If the iView encounters the "hiccup" when tuning to the channel it won't record. I only record off of channels that don't have the hiccup. It will also hang up sometimes (freeze, crash) and also miss recordings. The iView gets the time from the station it is tuned to, and if the clock is off on the station that the iView was previously tuned to, the next recording will start at the wrong time. I'd recommend getting a Channel Master DVR+ (CM-7500) if you can afford it.
Thanks for the awesome feedback. That is one thing that annoys me in 2014...that everyone has a different time (TV channels, cell phone providers, ISPs, etc)...despite there being plenty of resources out there to synchronize this.

If that had happened to me (with the iView), I'm afraid on the second or third hiccup I might have used the box for target practice! You are definitely more patient than I am.
From Amazon:
Channel Master CM-7001 HDTV Antenna and Clear QAM Cable Tuner
Price at the time of me posting (Prime member price): $129.00, other options for $118.00

Tunes ATSC antenna signals and clear QAM unencrypted cable signals
Simple set up and usability
Digital broadcast quality SD + HD
HDMI and optical audio outputs with dolby digital audio
Provides on-screen program information

Looks pretty good. Are you using the Channel Master model?


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No, I'm talking about this one: Channel Master DVR+. Dual tuner (record or watch two shows at once) with free 14 day internet delivered programming guide, and name based recording. Requires that you supply the hard drive, up to 3TB (around 400 hours of HD recording). It's really new, but it's reported to work well, and has excellent tuners.

I have a Dish DTVpal DVR (same as the Channel Master CM-7000pal DVR). I'm planning on picking up a DVR+ soon just for kicks, and because of the ability to reliably record to large external drives. The two things I like about the iView is the external drive (I use a 1TB drive) and the ability to download the recordings to my computer without any conversions. The one thing I don't like about the DTVpal DVR is that the 250 GB drive fills up fast (30 hours of HD) and then I feel like I need to watch TV to keep the drive from filling up. I still have a bunch of shows saved from last season.
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I bought two of these from Wal-Mart in December (14) and January (15) respectively. I loved the first one so much I had to buy another. Then, the issues arose! I USB drive from my 'old' Ematic to my 'new' Ematic - NO DICE - I could NOT play the shows recorded on the USB drive!

It seems that, not only are the Software versions different, but so are the hardware versions. Of course, there is no way of knowing which hardware version until you open te box and connect it.

Oh, what shall I do now!?


I just hooked up my newest EMATIC AT103B (Software version:Sep 5 2014-17:37:27, Hardware Version:ABL7802-R836-ATSC).

It found the channels and plays them fine.

However, when I plugged in the USB HARD DRIVE I had used to record a dozen shows with my first EMATIC AT103B (Software Version: 2014-0220 V2, Hardware Version: ABL7816-Z00-ATSC) I could not play back any of the shows listed.

I selected USB, selected PVR, selected HBPVR, and a list of program titles appeared (Page 01/23). I pressed the OK button to select the first program listed and the label "Init..." appeared, then went away. So I he 'Init ....' label appeared again, then the screen went blank. I pressed the EXIT key and the list of recorded programs appeared.

I selected the second program on the list and repeated the steps as above with the same results!

Then, I took this hard drive back to the first EMATIC A103B and plugged it into the USB port, selected the USB, selected PVR, Selected the HBPVR folder and the same program list appeared. I selected the first on the list and pressed the OK button and the show began playing back at once.

So, I then tried connecting my other drive (full of programs recorded on the original EMATIC AT103B and went through the steps as above and the same thing happened - no video. I did notice that, after the 'Init ....' label faded, the LED on the hard drive began blinking. When it stopped blinking the index had highlighted the last recording in the list as if it had cycled through each selection.

Please help me here.

I would like to have one of these for each of our five TV sets so I can play anything recorded with one of them on any of the other EMATICS by simply moving SB drive to one of the other sets.

I have already returned one of these because of this failure. How can I get a compatible unit?


Does it allow playback on another Iview box

I bought two Ematic AT103B converters so I could record off the air. But, if I record a show using the one Ematic, then plug that drive into the other Ematic - I cannot play it back!

Their Tech people confirmed that it cannot be done.

Dear Customer,

You cannot record from one Ematic ATT103B converter box and transfer the recordings to another converter box. The recordings saved in one converter box can only be watched in the same converter box that was first used to record the show.

Customer Support/ eMatic
. Any elp?
I am looking for a replacement that will allow swapping hard drives between converters/PVRs so I can have more flexibility


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I purchased the Ematic AT103B back in August 2015 at Walmart. I found that the Ematic AT103B manual is not easy to understand but if you read it as if the person that wrote it uses English as a second language the manual is somewhat understandable. The manual does not clarify everything and does not really provide a complete understanding of what the remote control keys do.
As an example, the "ZOOM" key on the remote is only usable while viewing a picture (JPEG) file on the USB flash drive plugged into the Ematic AT103B. The "ZOOM" key will provide you a picture size that is 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1X1, 2X1, 4X1, or 8X1 in picture size, the arrow keys can be also used in the Zoomed picture in the 2X1, 4X1, and 8X1 sizes to view move the enlarged area shown of the picture.
The remote control is small in size but the 41 buttons are very useful for controlling the very versatile Ematic AT103B. To cut down on all the remotes I obtained a learning universal remote manufactured by Philips. I also have recently obtained a copy of the individual remote IR codes for all 41 push buttons on the remote.
There are comments on the Walmart website pertaining to the clear shrink wrap on the Ematic AT103B. I knew the protective film was there, I just took it for granted that the vent holes on the top and sides of the Ematic AT103B were cut both into the metal cover and the clear plastic film. THEY ARE NOT! I have just removed the plastic film after using my Ematic AT103B for just over 3 months of daily use!
The Ematic AT103B works well and I would definitely purchase another, even though I have probably shortened the life of my present Ematic AT103B.
I have upgraded my TV to a 40 inch LCD and still use the Ematic AT103B on a daily basis both as a recorder, playback device, and as a tuner, I think it is more sensitive than the one in the TV.
The Ematic AT103B has a pass through Antenna Output F type antenna connector (digital signal), as well as channel 3 and 4 capability for older analog tuner equipped TV sets; there is also a HDMI output, and a component video output (video, left channel audio, and right channel audio RCA type connectors).
The Ematic AT103B will control the sound volume from the TV using the Ematic AT103B remote but the Ematic AT103B is actually changing the volume level being supplied to the TV via the HDMI, Component TV Output and the Channel 3 and 4 output.