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This question is about "upload problems within last week", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Hello,

I have started (within the last week or so) having constant upload issues with my connection. I am subscribed to the 300/20 (oor 400/20 depending on which tech you ask, my area is wierd) and while i can get 350-450 on the download, my upload has been reduced recently to 3 Mbps or less. I am currently using a direct wired connection to the modem (no other devices as its a stand alone modem) with a Cat5e cable (tried several to eliminate that) with several different systems. Again prior to this incident, i was getting the expected speeds (with sporadic reductions here or there)

I notice the issue when trying to stream to any site (twitch, youtube, restream, etc). The spectrum speed test is indicating that i have getting expected upload speeds (14Mbps+) where others (google's, testmy.net) are indicating my upload is as listed above (maxxing out at 3Mbps). There are no programs running in the background causing one test to vary from the other (as i run the test one right after the other several times in a row and get similar results each time)

As far as the wiring into the house, From the pole it comes to a 8 way which then feeds directly into the house. From the tech visit today the splitter and wiring is supposed to be in good shape and they have no idea why the upload is responding the way it is. They also state the signal levels are as expected as well (see below)

I don't know where to move from this point. Last i spoke with a tech (following todays visit) they said the only thing that seemed out of placed was upstream channel 4 but that it shouldn't be causing my issues.

any suggestions would be appreciated as I would like to return to streaming as soon as possible.

upload problems within last week?

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