URGENT: xFI Advanced Security is BLOCKING my nonprofit website - XFinity


It seems the issues of advanced security on xfinity xfi continue despite many unhappy users! This is very unacceptable for such a large internet service provider!!! My website, preemietopremed.com, has been blocked by advanced security. We are launching our nonprofit in a week and a half--can anyone at comcast address this issue? I called a week ago and spent two hours getting passed from one person to another with no customer service agent knowing what to do. Can someone please open a support ticket and unblock this website? It was likely flagged because it is password protected until our launch, but our volunteers still need access to our website in the meantime to finalize edits! We are an organization dedicated to raising money for pediatric patients--the least suspicious bunch of them all so the fact that it was blocked reflects incredibly poorly on comcast! If there is a phone number I can call and speak to a live human, please let me know!

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