USC at Utah is a Game for Haters and Games to Watch Saturday

Let’s be honest, we all have a team or two we root for and lots of teams to hate. The University of Southern California is one of the teams either you are a fan of or you really, really hate. A school for rich kids who could get into Berkeley, but who really don’t want to work hard at the whole college thing, USC is the Duke of football. Home to such easily hated athletes such as O.J. Simpson, Reggie Bush and every quarterback who’s been overrated since playing there, the Trojans have fallen on hard times. Their last coach is suing them for discriminating against him for being an alcoholic and their current coach, Clay Helton is trying to shoot down rumors his now departed left tackle E.J. Price punched him in the face. It’s a glorious time to be a USC hater. They take on the previously weak program in Utah, which has turned into something of a consistent contender in recent years and has a good chance to continue the slide for USC. It’s now or never to turn the Trojans season around.

The SEC Shakeout

Most of the teams in the SEC are playing real games this Saturday (yeah, you, Alabama) and the contests between Georgia and Ole Miss; Florida and Tennessee; and Auburn vs. LSU should help sort out how many programs have a chance to play for the national championship. With Notre Dame melting down, the likelihood of an SEC shutout in the playoff is near zero, two teams wouldn’t be a shock.

Big Big Ten Showdown

Wisconsin is travelling to Lansing and that game should put one of those teams in or near the top 5. Michigan is coming off a big win against the Irish and another win at home versus the Badgers would put them in the conversation about the playoffs for sure.

NFL Prospect Watching

Texas A&M facing Arkansas is battle of top 20 teams that features the potential top prospect in the upcoming draft, Myles Garrett, who is a genuine athletic freak who could menace the Razorbacks offensive line. He’s been compared to Von Miller and Khalil Mack, so, if you’re looking for something to watch later on, this is a good choice.

Shame Game of the Day

Teams do put an easy game or two on the schedule each year, but Alabama choosing to tee off on Kent State is still pathetic. The teams that are willing to gamble against Appalachian State or North Dakota State, who can wreck anybody when they are playing their upset superbowl, deserve more strength of schedule points than they get. For shame, Crimson Tide.
USC is breaking my heart. They have the resources to be talented every single year, but can't seem to get over the hurdle. What is Alabama doing to get so much talent?