Using a power passing splitter between preamp and power inserter


I'm still in the planning stage for installing my setup. It would be much easier to install the rg-6 if I can put the first 2-way splitter before the pre-amp power inserter. Is this a problem as long as I use a power passing splitter? My thought is install the splitter under the eave (covered) and send one run to the living room via the attic and send the other run to the rec room in the basement. The nearest outlets are in the basement (45 ft run from antenna) or in the garage by living room (70 ft run from antenna). Does it matter how many feet the power inserter is away from the pre-amp?



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Thanks for the helpful information, Piggie! Very thorough and most appreciated to have the links! :applause:


I stopped listing them, there are dozens. I think the Winegard is unique in being mast mountable. Comes in handy for stacking antennas.


Interesting stuff! Thanks EV! How's the antenna testing coming? Any new special performers out there? Will you be reporting margin to dropout for your test antennas?




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Ive got a bunch on my plate at the moment. Ive been evaluating ebay Chinese rotor antennas and posting them over here.

I also have the whole line of Digitennas here. And have been procrastinating on writing about them. I have been doing some testing with them though.

Also the Artec Flat Panel UHF antenna.

Quantum FX ANT 102 which is like the RS 1880 and performs on par as well.

Probably forgetting some as well.

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