Valentines Day- Dos anyone still celebrate this?

Happy VD day! It seemed when I was youngr this was one of the few days a year that people really got into. This year I do not see much in the way of valentines commemoration- is this a fad that has now run it;s course? or a reflection of the down economy?

Did you celebrate valentines with your special someone? what did you do?


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I know I'm celebrating it, though probably not entirely today. Flowers for my girlfriend, she said she wants to make me dinner, and then later in the week (when the restaurants aren't mobbed) we'll be going out to dinner.

- Trip
Yea, stopped out to a local eatery with my son to celebrate the day. the place was packed.

Looks like we are the only romantic souls left Trip. Some say it doesn't matter, it is just another day, to me it is a great time to celebrate the people you love.
I'm still wondering why Groundhog Day, purely based upon superstition, is even ON a calendar! Even more so, the fact people take those forecasts seriously scares me...

FYI: Winter ends exactly 6 weeks from February 2nd, folks, no matter what. sadly for us here in Kentucky the last few years, winter has technically held its grip till mid-May

Fringe Reception

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Somehow I missed your post before now. This past Valentines' Day was one of the best ever for both of us. No personal details will be forthcoming. :D
Valentine's Day is a crock meant to exist only for women and men to be obligated to buy gifts to 'prove they still love each other.' FELGERCARB!

You and your love know you love each other the other 364 days of the year. why should one day be a 'pay as you go' to keep her? are women now some 'prepaid plan?' don't buy a gift, she breaks up? why? what does buying more have to do with love?

That's why i am a deer lover, not a date. the closest thing i have to a soulmate is my pet Daisy. she loves me no matter what. all 365 days. i wish people could once in their life learn something from animals...