Variety laughs at Verizon's Huge new DVR


Todd Spangler wonders aloud who would want to record up to 12 television shows at one time. I have to agree. It seems Verizon polled some folks and found a majority was interested in being able to record "more" shows. market testing is a little tricky...well...a lot tricky. many of us will "like" the idea or being able to record "more" programs than what we have now. taking that and running with it enables Verizon to say people want Quantum TV. It is quite possible to get people to sign up and pay for it, even if they never use it.

here is the entire Variety article.


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Okay, basic service is only six programs at one time, and only 100 hours of HD recording space. ($22 a month) The upgrade is two units at $32 a month. (Twelve channels and 200 hours of HD.) "Phase 2" will allow you to use a Roku channel to stream to your Roku connected TV. I Have two VMS1100s and two IPC1100s (extenders) in my office right now. I can't use them, but they sure look cool!!! ;)