Verizon Fios Updates

Fios customers will now be able to view their recorded programs that's stored on the DVR box. Also , any programs that are recorded, can be watched in any room that's located in your home, of course. Not just the room with the DVR box. Subscription video's on demand for channels such as HBO or Showtime will be available. But there needs to be a subscription made in order to view the actual content.Games are now an option as long as there is standard definition, HD, DVP, STB or HD STB. This is how most games will be available. Parental control will be set in motion, for those parents who would like to limit or watch their children's television contents. Widgets allows access to the news sports, traffic and so forth. To see more stuff that will be available for Verizon Fios customers. The check out this website Learn about the latest updates to FiOS TV | FiOS TV | Residential Support | Verizon
Nice updates to the Verizon plan. Seems like they are looking at what features their competitors are already implementing in an effort to "catch up" though! We've had the same ability mentioned here with U-Verse for a while now.