Verizon open to Netflix streaming deal


I guess it was coming sooner or later. So many people using bandwidth for streaming media something had to shift. The Hollywood reporter posted a small story about Verizon's CEO Lowell Mcadam being open to a deal. Whether he is simply salivating over making some more money or addressing a real bandwidth problem (and salivating over charging us more) a change is coming.

[h=2]"We would love to partner with content companies" to bring mobile content to users of Verizon's FiOS pay TV service and launch a wireless Internet TV service.[/h]Have a Reed read right here.
Good read. I wonder how long until one of the streaming services like Netflix or Hulu is "bundled" with your Internet bill...with a small increase of course :)


That is a reasonable prediction. Hmm. I can see a battle if they did. Some may argue that content is content so why pay for Netflix, or whatever streaming video they watch. OTA Netflix? Haha.


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It's all good until some cable provider strikes an exclusive deal with an online streaming provider.
I can see trying to watch a movie on Netflix and being greeted with a message "Comcast exclusive content. Please log in with your Comcast account."