Verizon pushing NY customers into fiber


[h=1]Verizon customers fight fiber optic push
[/h] [h=2]"Verizon tries to "copper" plea in East Harlem, but residents who have been without phone service are not buying the company's FiOS pitch. Verizon says its trying to repair the outdated landlines, but acknowledges it would like customers to switch to a fiber optic service. "[/h]Interesting development here. I get that Verizon wants people to sign on to Fios. As we have discussed the V invested lots of money into the Fios network. It seems that the copper cable was damaged in a flood and Verizon would really like to install fiber and not go back to trouble-prone copper. I also get the the older folks are not really into the benefits of Fios when they were quite happy (I guess) with their old service.

The NY Daily Times article has some more insight.