I just bought a new RCA dual vhs to dvd machine which works fine for my own tapes from tv. My problem is when copying movie vhs (about 30 of them) which won't copy (pops up with "video is copy protected".
Any way of getting around this? Some of these tapes are 10-12 years old and i'm afraid they may get outdated and break the tapes.


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It is possible with the use of a video stabiliser, but it circumvents copyright. Its technically illegal in the US as far as I am aware (but fine here!)


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The only way to copy store bought (Macrovision protected) VHS tapes is with a computer, using a video capture device and video stabilizer as nbound-au suggested. Capture devices are inexpensive and can be bought on Amazon. For the video stabilizer, try eBay.


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A stabiliser will work if the DVD recorder can record off its composite/AV (Yellow/White/Red) inputs, though you need a second unit to play the tape.