Video game sales down big


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I guess the gaming industry is hit hard when the economy suffers...

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - U.S. video game equipment and software sales fell 29 percent in July to $848.9 million, research group NPD said on Thursday, as the gaming industry limps through the economic downturn.

Hardware sales fell 37 percent from a year ago, while software sales slid 26 percent, NPD said. Sales of video game accessories declined 12 percent.
U.S. video game sales down 29 percent in July: report | Technology | Reuters


It can be blamed on a large amount of games getting delayed until 2010, since they don't want to be outclassed in sales by Modern Warfare, which is slated still for 2009. They'll be down for quite a bit but they'll pick up quite sharply in 2010.
Nobody cares. Videogaming is here to stay, you don't mind game sales, it is just on a time where it was selling low due to the economy, but video games are one of the best past times of america and the rest of the world.

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