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Retro-reproduction Dynaco speakers

Terrific links, salemtubes.

Regarding Dynaco,

Here's the link. Dynaco on Coolest Gadgets


From the site: Way back in 1969, the original A-25 was unleashed to the unsuspecting world by Dynaco, and the next decade that followed the A-25’s release made it one of the most popular high-end speakers to date, moving over one million units. It will be hard pressed to follow up on the legendary success of the product (partly due to the lack of choice back then which also played a role, we believe), but the folks at Annandale do intend to rekindle the speaker’s past success with the A-25 XL2 which now comes in natural maple, 40 years later.

Before we move on any further, let us have a show of hands here. How many of you out there actually purchase sepakers that come with a trial period? If you happen to pick up a pair of the new A-25 XL2 loudspeaker system, then that would certainly qualify it, boasting a 30 day in-home trial, featuring a design, componentry and value that simply cannot be found in any of its competitors at a similar price range – at least that’s what Annandale claims. With the month long in-home trial offer, you are able to try the A-25’s in the comfort of your own homes with your own equipment. Just like its predecessor, the A-25 XL2 is a two-way system which is based upon a powerful 10” European-made woofer that has been custom designed to handle both the bass and mid-range frequencies. You get 250% more radiating area than the typical 6 1/2” unit with the A-25 XL2’s woofer.

Of course, something as beautiful as this won’t come cheap – and the A-25 XL2 will retail for $2,499 a pair, coming in beautifully finished real American Maple veneer with matching speaker stands that are sold separately at $350 per pair. Among the other specifications include :-

Form Factor: Stand Mounted 2 way, passive loudspeaker
Frequency Response: (+-3db): 58 Hz – 20 kHz
Bass Extension Anechoic: (-10db) 38HZ
Dimensions: 21” H x 12.5” W x 10.5” D (without stand)
System Product Weight: 30 lbs. each
Enclosure Type: Aperiodic, critically damped, 15-ply Baltic Birch finished in natural maple
Woofer: SEAS 10” Cast Frame, Classic paper cone with matching natural rubber surround
Tweeter: SEAS 1” Soft Dome, with integral resonance chamber
Crossover Frequency: 2.0 kHz, 4th order acoustic
Audio Input: Gold plated 5-way binding posts
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Jim, it's ironic that you mention the gorgeous reproduction Dynaco A-25 speakers. I use 5 original A-25 speakers in my home theater setup along with a JBL 400 Watt powered subwoofer. I bought 3 pairs on eBay for around $150 per pair plus shipping.

The original A-25s use a single capacitor as the crossover. Even though they sound great as they are, I plan to replace the original capacitors, binding posts and internal wiring. I'll also bypass the level control. I may update the tweeters with the improved drop-in replacement Seas units.


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My knowledge is kind of fuzzy on the stuff before the 70s.

Advent, AR, EPI, KLH, JBL

Never heard of these Dynaco A 25's, though. Ill have to investigate. Thanks!

They look sweet. Nice tweeters.
EV, there were probably more Dynaco A-25s made than any other single speaker. Near the bottom of the page HERE: "Ed Laurent notes that over 1,000,000 A-25s were eventually sold..."
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Ha! And I thought I knew something about vintage audio gear!

Were these kits or available as kits? I know Dynaco put out some tuner and amplifier kits. KEF put out some nice speaker kits in the 80s.
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Ha! And I thought I knew something about vintage audio gear!

Were these kits or available as kits? I know Dynaco put out some tuner and amplifier kits. KEF put out some nice speaker kits in the 80s.
I don't believe they were ever sold as kits. They're packed with a large and specific volume of fiberglass. I doubt they'd have wanted to leave it to kit builders to pack the cabinets properly.