Is this a good brand? I saw a 42 inch TV in Walmart for only $750 and I was thinking about purchasing it on black friday if they have a good deal. But I was wondering how this brand is in general.


Don't buy a Vizio!!!

I have had my Vizio 42" HDTV for a year and a half and it is dead!!! I loved it and thought I had gotten a great deal, but not now. I have been researching and it is a very common problem. It is out of warranty and I am out $1000. Go head and spend more on a good brand. I have read a million Vizio horror stories. Don't waste your money like I did!


Vizio is a decent brand for the price -- FOR THE PRICE -- and it is generally significantly less expensive than the "better" brands, so yes, significantly lower in quality and reliability. You shouldn't have an experience like mccoyjax -- the unit dies after only a year and a half -- but you also shouldn't expect that you'll get Samsung or Sony quality from a Vizio.


The brand is stationed in America. California to be exact. The company does make quality sets, and I would recommend buying one for yourself. Don't let the price fool you. A cheaper price now-a-days does not mean low quality.


Actually, with HDTVs, the price is often a very good predictor of quality. I'm not sure where you've been getting your impressions to the contrary.


Vizio is a great TV. I have friends that swear on this brand, and they wouldn't go back to an expensive brand for a TV ever again. The more expensive ones would be just a waste of money.
If you are going to invest on a TV, you might as well go for a brand that has stood the test of time and is synonymous to quality. Saving the time to get your unit to the repair shop will definitely matter after half a decade of use or so. But then again, there is no harm in trying so good luck on your decision.


That's not a good reason to stay away from DLP HDTVs. That's a good reason to factor the price of replacement bulbs every 2-3 years into the cost of your television. I saved about $2000 by going with a DLP in June 2006, and have yet to replace the bulb -- I spent an extra $180 at the time so that my second bulb could sit next to my television for the last two and a half years. So it'll take at least thirty years for my decision to go with DLP to turn into a bad one, at least in that regard.

DLP is a good option for folks who don't need the flatness of a flat screen, and want to get a lot larger display for the money. As much as LCDs and plasma HDTVs have come down in price in recent years, the break-even point been drastically reduced. My next television probably will be a LCD or plasma, but DLP still remains a good choice for folks who are aiming for the very largest living room display sizes.
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