VP debate

How many of you are interested in watching the VP debate tomorrow night? I really believe that Biden will chew up and spit out Palin but I could be wrong. Any thoughts?
VP Debate

I'll be watching the debate. I'm hoping Gov. Palin hasn't been overcoached and will blow the socks off Sen. Biden. I'm tired of her being the butt of all the jokes lately. Certainly Sen. Biden has had his share of flubs. At any rate, I'm sure all the remarks will be fodder for the late night talk shows.

The moderator is a whole other topic for discussion.. Used to be if there was one hint of a conflict of interest, there would be another choice for moderator. A book in the works by Iliff that includes Obama most assuredly is a conflict of interest. Anyone who says otherwise should look up the definition of conflict of interest.
Palin by TKO

Just watched the VP debate and I feel Gov. Sarah Palin won by a TKO. She responded to the questions with authority and sensibility, and in a fresh positive manner. Sen. Biden held his own, but misquoted many of Sen. McCain's voting records. How do the rest of you feel?