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This question is about "waiting 9 months to have a line buried", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps.

We have been contacting Spectrum since JUNE 2018 to get a line buried that currently runs across our yard, over the sidewald, down the street, and back over our neighbor's yard!!! We have made so many calls that I lost count and started marking them on our calendar so we could keep up with it. We have been told at EVERY call that our tickets have been "resolved" or "cancelled" but our line is STILL NOT BURIED!! The company that spectrum conracts with told us that spectrum would have to do the actual burial. I keep getting told that someone will contact me to get the issue resolved but NO ONE EVER CALLS except to tell me they are working on it. Then when I call back I am again told that the issue is resolved or cancelled. When I called AGAIN to tell them that the line is a serious safety hazard someone did come out.....and put BIG ORANGE CONES ON THE SIDEWALK and STILL didn't bury the line. This time I was told they were waiting to hear back to see where other utility lines were buried, but when I called 811 (the number to inquire for utility line placement) I was told that Spectrum was given the OK for burial TWO WEEKS prior to my calling. When I called Spectrum back I was told my ticket had been cancelled. WTH?!!!! How can I get this line buried?? I have tripped over it, my children have tripped over it, and there solution is to put up cones! SERIUOSLY?!!!

waiting 9 months to have a line buried?

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