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Wal-Mart is selling Roku for decent prices online only. But , you can also purchase Roku at the store. Roku 1 , model #2710RWTS is priced at $49.95. This model Roku allows consumers to search for any movie or show of their choice. Also, use shortcuts to get to your favorite channel. Then there's a Roku 2 which is model # 2720RW; goes for $75.54. Easily connects to 1,000 plus channels that happen to owned by block bluster. aLotof neat TV shows and sports of choice. There won't be any annoying interruptions from Roku. The exciting thing is anyone can listen to their shows or movie in peace because when you purchase Roku 2 , they provide you with headphones that connects right to the remote. I don't know about you , but I'm really considering about giving Roku a try. If you want to order a Roku or take a look at other Roku merchanside then go to roku - Walmart.com


I decided to look for a Roku here in town at our walmart. Either they were out of them, or they just don't carry them here. I would have asked someone last night be for some unknown reason everyone that worked there seemed to have disappeared, when I actually wanted them around. LOL
Yeah . Maybe they could have not carried them there. But I do know I remember seeing one at the Walmart in my town. Each store differs from place to place for some reason. If you ask me I believe it's quite silly for stores to have different merchandise , but is the same company. Logically one would think that if one Walmart carries Roku, why wouldn't the rest. It is possible that because Roku have become so popular do to it's speedy connections, that they sold all of them out and never got none back in stock. Don't you find it funny when you're not able to find any workers when you have an important question to ask. Lol. I've went to WalMart quite a few times at night and early in the morning. It was looking like a ghost town, but you know people are around working. Maybe their hiding, just joking. Your best bet would be to go online and try to purchase it. Just make sure you get your confirmation number and write it down because now of day's online is risky especially with valuable information.


Ya I have had insistence were I have actually had to go to a different wal-mart in another town just to get what I was looking for. But I do plan on looking on wal-mart.com, but I hate the wait time lol. Not a very patient person.


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We have 2 Walmarts. They have different inventories. They also carry some other brands of streaming players.
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You could definitely order a Roku on walmart.com. It usually takes about seven to ten days, but when it isn't the holidays I have sometimes seen orders come in about five or six days.
How do the Walmart prices for Roku compare to other sales outlets? Just wondering since Momma is letting me get one here soon to try out as we continually work on minimizing our SoCal expenses!!!
Cali, 90% of the time, WalMart has the cheapest price you'll find anywhere -- for new items. If you're willing to go open box, or rebuilt, or used, eBay is your best shot.

You can check to see if an item is in stock at your particular store by using walmart.com. You have to set your "favorite" store, or whatever they call it. Then, if the item is at another store, they will ship it over to your store for free, and email you when it arrives. Or you can choose to have it delivered to your door for a very reasonable shipping fee.

Another good thing about WalMart is, being a real brick and mortar store, items that get many returns don't last long -- they get rid of the losers. Different situation on Amazon, which sells from lots of different retailers. If you get something that doesn't work, you can be out of luck if the retailer has no return policy. At least eBay has a warranty when you buy though PayPal -- which almost everything is now. On eBay, the trick is to make sure you read the listing very carefully, plus only buy from top rated sellers.

The riskiest online option is google shopping. BUT, once in a blue moon that will take you to a great sale.

That is really good information to know . I agree what you said about Wal-Mart because my brother ordered stuff for my son and we live in different areas . So, he went walmart.com and had them ship the stuff to my building.
I ended up getting my Roku at Walmart but that was mostly because I had some Walmart gift cards from Christmas this year so I was able to get it for just around five bucks when all was said and done. But I think it is well worth the money and would be happy with it even if I had paid full price for it.

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