Was told I'd receive an XG1 DVR but was shipped an RNG200n 😶



My parents have been charged for DVR service they weren't receiving for close to a decade, and were never instructed to upgrade from their RNG150n box (using i-Guide software). I asked Xfinity to ship us the correct box (first company BTW that has tried to charge me for shipping the correct equipment), and even had the chat agent verify which model they were sending.

Me : Forgot to ask, but do you have control over or knowledge of which model DVR we'll receive? I saw there were a few different ones with different capabilities.
Agent : Sure! A Digital Video Recorder, or DVR, is a simple way to watch your favorite shows. It lets you record any TV program and watch when it's convenient for you. DVR also allows you to rewind and fast-forward live TV, pause a show, or even create your own instant replays.
Agent : I can send a full review with our X1 DVR on your preferred email to get a full view of our DVR box.
Me : I'm asking if you know which specific DVR box is being sent (XG1 vs XG1v4 w/ 4k support)
Agent : Oh, I see. Let me further check it for you.
Agent: Thanks for the wait.
Me : no problem
Agent: The TV box that we've shipped is XG1.
Me : ok, thanks

Even after verifying it, and being told I would receive an XG1 DVR, I still received an older RNG200n (only has two tuners), and an old XG2 remote (with no voice capability). It's extremely aggrivating to see my parents taken advantage of for years due to them not knowing any better, and then for me to be lied to and sent archaic hardware (which they'd probably just accept if I wasn't here). You have the information on which customers are paying for DVR service yet are still using an ancient box, so there's no excuse for not reaching out to get them to upgrade. It's also in Xfinity's interest considering there's less support of outdated models involved. I can't even drive any more due to medical reasons, so it's ridiculous to expect me or my elderly parents to have to drive to a store every time someone on your side has made a mistake, or to upgrade equipment.

Oh, and Xfinity Stream doesn't work at all. With no other cable/streaming provider have I seen so many people told they need to call in / message someone privately to have their account updated, or experienced so many opaque errors. Streaming services shouldn't require special configuration and should be connection agnostic. Saying otherwise is an excuse and passing the buck, yet executives still blame piracy for the increase of cable-cutters instead of recognizing their poor service offerings are the cause. Go figure...

"Was told I'd receive an XG1 DVR but was shipped an RNG200n 😶," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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